Delay in Projects by NHA Causes Major Loss to National Exchequer

Islamabad (7th Sept, 2019): National Highway Authority (NHA) causes major loss to national exchequer by delaying projects. 

According to reports, NHA has delayed important projects which has caused a deficit of Rs.51 billion to the national exchequer. It has been reported that the NHA has forwarded a report to Murad Saeed, Federal Minister for Communications, declaring that while the projects were to be completed in an approximate Rs.41 billion, Rs.91 billion were eventually sustained due to delay of corrupt officers and contractors.

Reportedly, the actual price of construction for Liyari Express Way was Rs 5.8 billion however, it was eventually completed in Rs 6 billion because of “unholy alliance” between contractors and the Project Director. Other projects that were finished in exceptionally larger budgets include: Khuzdar Shuhdad Kot Road (Rs 36 billion instead of Rs 2.17 billion), Lawari Top Tunnel (Rs 26.85 billion instead of Rs 8 billion), and Quetta Qalat Highway (Rs 19.47 billion instead of Rs 6.67 billion), respectively.

According to sources, the main accused are Former Minister, Ameer Muqam, and several NHA high officials who are reportedly still associated with the organization.


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