Delhi riots: Is India truly a democratic state?

Reign of terror on the Indian Muslims in Utter Pradesh

Lahore, 3rd March: Since the last month, India has been engulfed in the biggest nationwide protests in over four decades In the Indian capital New Delhi, over the passing of the Citizenship Act.

People of all religions, classes, castes, and ages took to the streets in opposition to a new citizenship amendment act (CAA) passed by the prime minister, Narendra Modi, and his Hindu nationalist BJP government, which many say discriminates against Muslims and undermines India’s secular foundations. (The Guardian)

The violence of Hindu extremists has left 37 people dead and more than 400 injured, as the police continue to extend their support to the Hindu extremists, due to which Hindu extremists continued to attack innocent Muslims. He added that even journalists were harmed in the process.

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Additionally, he argued that protesters protesting against the controversial citizenship bill by Hindu extremists in Delhi were tortured, Muslims’ homes were burned, mosques were desecrated and a mosque was martyred. A shrine was burnt down in Bhajanpura, the mosque was set on fire in Ashok Nagar and the flag of Hanuman [Hindu deity] was hoisted on the minaret.

The Indian state, Uttar Pradesh (UP) has seen the worst sort of brutality being carried out on the Muslims living over there. According to the accounts, given to The Guardian, police in the state have been firing indiscriminately into crowds, beating Muslim bystanders in the streets, raiding and looting Muslim homes while shouting Islamophobic slurs and Hindu nationalist slogans, detaining and are torturing Muslim children.

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One such video of a 14-year-old Muslim boy in the Indian UP is going viral on the social media network, which is a pure depiction of Hindu atrocities and hooligans carried out by the RSS thugs.

The video shows an innocent boy standing by a road and two policemen, without any reason, start beating him with a stick. The boy is seen protesting and saving himself from their cruelty but they are bent upon to show their machoism on a small boy and take out their anger by thrashing him badly.

India claims that it is a democratic state that works for the protection rights of all its minorities and yet, this video is evidence of their intolerance towards Muslims residing with them.

Where are the human rights organization now, when Muslims in India are given the worst ever treatment?

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