Dengue surveillance team attacked in Dhoke Munshi

RAWALPINDI, Sep 25 (APP):Dengue surveillance team was attacked in Rawalpindi and the police arrested the three assailants on Wednesday.

According to the details, Munawar Bibi and Awais, who were on duty to check dengue larvae in Kachi Abadi, Dhoke Munshi area of police station airport, asked the residents of a house to throw away water in a drum in which dengue larvae was found, the accused Yaroz Khan, Bakht Zada, Mustafa Khan and Noor Zadar started beating Awais and torn his uniform.

When Munawwar Bibi tried to save Awais from the assailants, she was also attacked.

A case has been registered with police station Airport regarding the incident.

City Police Officer Muhammad Faisal Rana said the government departments were working for the elimination of dengue in Rawalpindi and any kind of interference and resistance will not be tolerated at all.

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