Depression: A mental disease or a state of mind?

Depression, which is a mood disorder and a serious medical illness that negatively affects how you feel and act accordingly, is caused by a combination of genetic, biological, environmental, and even psychological factors.

Feeling down from time to time is a normal part of life, but when emotions such as hopelessness and despair take hold and just won’t go away, you may have depression. However, if depression is left untreated can become a serious health condition.

Depression varies from person to person, but there are some common signs and symptoms. If I start scientifically or medically then this article will become very professional which I don’t want.

I want to describe in simple words so that a layman can understand what is depression and how to deal with it. My approach to depression is totally different, to which doctors might differ, but this can lead you to stop using anti-depressants and start reevaluating your lifestyle.

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Why were anti-depressants made? Why are people getting addicted to medicines? There are so many other better ways to deal with depression rather than just finding solace in taking drugs.

REMEMBER: No one, and I repeat, NO ONE in this world can cure depression unless you want to come out of it. It’s only you and the will power that can save you from this gloomy feeling of depression.

Tell me one patient who has ever been cured of depression fully! These are all lies and false hope.

The only hope we should give to the patient is that this is only one life given to you and you can turn it around for yourself in a positive direction and there’s no other way.

Prescribed medication should be avoided at all costs. The very first treatment should always be therapy. Depressive patients are usually looking for solace to lean upon, they are always finding excuses to run away from responsibilities.

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They like to gain sympathies and want to be treated like they are the most innocent people on this planet, here the treatment gets wrong when you start with medicine then they’ll be dependent on medication throughout their lives and there’ll be no end to it; the use of medicine will keep on increasing and you will feel more depressed, less energetic and helpless.

In my opinion, rather than using the medication you should try to change your lifestyle, try to incorporate step by step easy exercises and activities.

Look out for what quotient is missing in your lives causing you to lose hope and drift away. Always start with life is beautiful, make the most out of it, don’t waste it thinking about negative thoughts.

Saba Waqas Freelance writer & Contributor, Baaghi TV

I know it’s easier said than done but then again life is all about struggles and hope. Miracles don’t happen in real life, it’s a series of one’s efforts and hard work.

REMEMBER: Those who are willing to give in and let go of their apprehensions can save themselves from the deep shadows of depression and darkness.

Never feel pity for yourself, it’s the worst feeling and a big trap. At this point, a depressive person gets very sensitive and touchy and assumes that the world is a bad place and nobody is treating them well.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Be mindful of your surroundings, if you think you are not treated well, try to move away from those people. Have a good company around you from whom you can benefit rather than drain your energy.

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Awareness and having a conscious mind is a blessing, try to adopt these habits and know very well who’s right for you because a good company is like walking into a shop of perfumes. Whether you buy the perfume or not, you are bound to receive the fragrance.

The other point I would like to emphasize is to divert your mind.

If you are constantly living in a black hole, and can’t come out of it, try to look for those things in life which put a smile on your face. What makes you happy should be the focal point in your life.

Saba Waqas Freelance writer & Contributor, Baaghi TV

It’s a bit of struggle but go slowly, take deep breaths, walk ahead, at one point you’ll be there when you least expect it. Indulge yourself in small hobbies, play the guitar, sing along, take pictures, enjoy strolls under the trees, cycle around the town, purge inside your house, redecorate your room, add plants in your life, take interest in gardening, there are so many ways to make yourself busy.

Your mind wants to get busy, as a busy mind is a healthy mind. Try different things, experiment with your life, do those activities which you have never done. Life is full of opportunities and nowadays, there are so many fields which you can put your hands into so, practice this new way of life, it will open new doors.

Depressive people usually live in the past and bereave over it.

REMEMBER: Obliterate your past demons by remembering the good times. Put a shield of happy memories on your sorrows.

Joyous memories will act as an armor to your grief. It’s all in your control, you are the master of your mind.

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Everyone is struggling and trying to overcome hurdles in their lives and paths, don’t think that a happy face has a life full of roses, it’s just that he’s actually happy from inside and handles life’s difficulties optimistically. Don’t take depression as an illness, take it as a challenge.

However, there are several therapy techniques and exercises being invented to control panic attacks and feelings of loneliness. All in all, the emphasis is on trying to help yourself rather than relying on medication only.

Last but not the least, exercise regularly, have a sound sleep, eat a healthy diet, these actions can help reduce symptoms of depression. Talk about your concerns and feelings with your family so that they understand you well and help you through this time.

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For me, depression is a state of mind, just replace the word depression with happiness. Have a happy state of mind.

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