Despite the ban on entry of Indian nationals into Pakistan,136 people will reach Lahore via Wagah Border

Two days ago, the Pakistani government banned the entry of citizens of neighboring country India into Pakistan due to the worrying situation of Corona, while on the other hand, 120 Pakistani nationals residing in India were allowed to return to Pakistan on April 23 via Wagah.

The important thing is that along with these Pakistani citizens, 16 Indian citizens will also come to Pakistan.

According to diplomatic sources, the Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi had written a letter to the Indian government for the return of the Pakistani citizens, who got married in India but have not yet got Indian citizenship while there are some citizens who went to India for religious rites but due to Corona lockdown and closure of Pak-India border, till stranded there in India.

In addition, 816 Indian Sikh pilgrims who came to Pakistan to celebrate the Vaisakhi festival will also return to India on April 22, via Wagah.

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  1. samir sardana says

    The Disasters of the Indian Nation,does not END.They have 350000 daily positive cases – at a strike rate of 10% – which makes for 3.5 million tests

    Assuming the Marginal Cost of 1 USD per test (as the salaries of the Docs and the Hospital infra,is a fixed cost) – that is USD 3.5 Million per DAY.At this rate,in 1 year,it will be USD 1 Billion – DOWN THE DRAIN !

    The Indian Daily positive count rises by 20,000,and the RTPCR report,takes 3 days – in which time,at least 60000 positives will infect,at least 3-5 more – which means that,in 3 days,the Positive Count IN THE FUTURE,will rise by 2,00,000, at THE MINIMUM – on this COUNT ALONE.


    The Indians are betting on a PEAK in Mid May – in their DREAMS !

    As the number of TESTS INCREASE, the time to get the RTPCR time lag will increase,and the daily incremental positives will rise – and so,there will NEVER BE A PEAK – unless the GOI REDUCES the TESTS,PER SE – which will be ANOTHER DIS-ASS-TER !

    Also,the 3.5 million tested every day – SHOULD BE compulsorily VAXED free of cost – at least that will ensure 100 million VAXES in 30 days ! Indian COVID strains are not being detected in the RTPCR – which is the BIGGEST DISASTER – and so,whoever is tested – should be VAXED for the sake of safety !

    Although,once the virus is embedded in the lungs – the VAX is of limited use !

    Whichever way you see it – it is complete DESTRUCTION and DIS-ASS-TER ! dindooohindoo

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