Details of the hanging of banners of Akhand Bharat and Maha Bharat in Islamabad

The hanging of banners of the Maha Bharat an Akhand Bharat in the capital has created a storm in the country without knowing the reasons for the hanging of these banners in the capital. However, Baaghitv has learnt the reasons for the placement of the banners in the Islamabad.


According to reports of Baaghitv, these banners have created the image of pro-India stance but in reality these banners were aimed at apprising the nation about the nefarious intentions of Indian administration under the leadership of Narendra Modi. ‘AKHAND BHARAT REAL TERROR’ has been mentioned in the banner but people has not read the whole banner and misinformation has been spread by the media including prime time news channels.

The purpose of the banners has been completely misunderstood by the media which created a panic like situation in the media and misinformation was circulated creating fear in the minds of the public. A FIR has been registered against the hanging of these banners as well.

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