‘Diabetes’ most leading cause of ‘chronic kidney disease’ in country : Expert

ISLAMABAD, Sep 26 (APP):Medical experts Thursday calls for a massive public awareness campaign on ‘Diabetic control’ in country through print and electronic media as it is the leading cause of ‘chronic kidney disease (CKD) in our country.

Talking to private news channel, A consultant diabetologist Dr Ikram Bakir said majority of our population of Pakistan consumes unhealthy diet, and due to urbanization and availability of easy transport, people are becoming more and more inactive.

People with type 2 diabetes can experience long term complications including eye problems, damage to the nerves, kidney disease and heart problems (cardiovascular disease).

High blood sugar can also damages cells and blood vessels in your kidneys so they can’t filter out waste as well as they should. This condition is called chronic kidney disease, he explained.

Damage to these parts of the kidneys over time can lead to the kidneys failing to filter the blood effectively, which can become a serious problem unless treated, he added.
He further advised the people for early investigation on suspicion of kidney disease.

He said the entire world including our country was under “diabetic-foot attack” and masses were losing their limbs due to foot ulcers, adding the wrong injection techniques also lead to ulcers, which could also cause amputations problems for patients.

He said there was no disease on earth whose treatment or cure is not available in the present day. Diabetes can be controlled by taking a balanced diet, engaging in regular exercise, and proper and timely intake of your prescribed dose of medicines.

He said due to rising obesity among young generations are also getting diabetics and hypertensive as new onset of diabetes or new cases of type-II, which is lifestyle disease, is increasing during last couple of days.

Dr added people would learn a lot from by visiting the site on having healthy lifestyle, balanced diet and recommended medication to live a normal life.

He said awareness was key to live a normal life as due to ignorance, people were indulged in unhealthy living and added that the website on obesity and diabetes cure would help them gaining authentic health and medical information.

Dr Ikram stated that Pakistan being a developing country, they are facing many challenges. On one hand they are still struggling to control communicable diseases like tuberculosis, hepatitis and polio despite being on the priority list of government and on the other hand non communicable diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases and obesity are increasing at an alarming rate.

Therefore the only cost effective way is through educating the masses regarding primary prevention and all our efforts should be focused on preventing rather than only treating the disease.
People with diabetes need to take an active role in their own care, he added.

The sugar could also affect other parts of the body, and it can cause other diseases related to kidneys, heart, and hypertension.

Most of the people had inadequate knowledge about health-care provision due to lack of health education and, most importantly, the increasing prevalence of risk factors for CKD such as diabetes and hypertension, he added.

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