Director British Council & KU VC Discuss Students & Faculty Capacity Building


KARACHI, Feb 27 (APP): Director British Council Sindh and Balochistan Michael Houlgate met the Vice Chancellor University of Karachi Professor Dr Khalid Mahmood Iraqi discussed issues of mutual interest and joint working opportunities between the University of Karachi and British Council, at the VC Secretariat here.

They also discussed the matters related to the capacity building of students and faculty, said a statement on Saturday. During the meeting, Michael Houlgate mentioned that the British Council would like to play an active role in promoting scholarship, students, and faculty exchange programs in collaboration with the University of Karachi. He said that the British Council could help in connecting the KU with various universities of the United Kingdom. He said that the Visual Studies Department of the University of Karachi and the British Council are working on a project and hope to work on other projects with other departments in the near future.

He also appreciated the skills and talents of the faculty and students. On this occasion, the KU VC Professor Dr Khalid Iraqi said that the University of Karachi is striving for the promotion of online education and the situation that occurred due to the COVID-19 has made the importance and usefulness of online education more clear. He shared that the University of Karachi has completed the teaching process through online classes by using modern technology.

He expressed that a delegation of the British Council should visit the University of Karachi to shared complete details regarding scholarships and other programs including the students and faculty exchange program in British universities and provides information to the students of the University Karachi in this regard. He suggested that a group of 25 students from different departments of the University of Karachi would be formed and the delegation from the British Council would provide them detailed information on scholarships, students and faculty exchange as well as rules and regulations, and all facilities.

The KU VC Professor Dr Khalid Iraqi observed that the students of the said group would then pass on this information to other students in their respective departments. He appreciated the steps taken by the British Council for the promotion of education and hoped that the teachers and students of the University of Karachi would also take full advantage of these initiatives.

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