Disappearance of young man in London sends shockwaves

The parents of missing Mohammed Shah Subhani have appealed to Scotland Yard to take the case of their “disappeared” son who went missing two weeks ago from Hounslow, West London.
Shah was reported to police as missing by worried family members on May 7 shortly before midnight having last been seen by his family at 12:30pm that same day when he went out to attend a few appointments promising his family that he will be back within two hours. He was driving his white Aldi Q3, with a baby on board sign on it and the number plate LC6 7CXS.
Parents of Mohammed Shah Subhani – Shazia Bibi and Gul Subhani – told this reporter that their lives have been torn apart by the disappearance of their son. Prior to coming to London, the couple lived in Islamabad but their children were educated and raised in London.
Father Gul Subhani said: “I had heard about missing persons in South Asia but never knew that people can go missing or can be disappeared in a safe city like London. Our lives have been turned upside down. We have no idea what happened to him because he had no enemies. He had a heart of gold; he cared for us and cared for everyone. I appeal to everyone to help us find our beloved son. If Shah is not found then there will be many more Shahs who will go missing and they will not be found.”
He said the police had not been helpful. “I am sure that the behaviour of the police would be different if my son’s name was Anthony, Harry, Richard or William. The police are not doing their best.”
Mohammed Shah Subhani’s mother Shazia Bibi broke into tears. “I miss my son. He was the bond of our family. It’s the holy month of Ramazan and I appeal to everyone to help us. We are trying our best to raise awareness. We are not living a normal life trying to find him. He loved the gym and concentrated on his business of buying and selling cars. He was a friend to everyone. We are shocked that he has gone missing. It’s someone who had kidnapped him. He loved his life and his family. It’s possible that he has been taken for ransom but its the job of the police to find facts and get us our son back.”
Iqra Subhani, Shah’s sister, said her brother was a family man who spent most of his time at home with his family. Iqra’s marriage was set for next month, soon after Eid, but she has put the marriage plan on hold.
“All our plans are off until we get Shah back. Finding him is our priority. I pray that he soon knocks on the door and comes back to us. We have not rested for a second after he went missing. He was not the kind of person who will get involved in anything bad.
Shah’s concerned brother Ali alleged that the police put him under surveillance for three days after his brother was reported missing. “Its shocking that instead of finding my brother, the police went after me for the first three days. The police have not told us anything, not keeping us updated and treating us with disdain. I request the police to understand our pain and treat us with the respect that we deserve. We need Shah back.”
The police said in a statement: “Mohammed’s disappearance is out of character. We would urge anyone with information on his whereabouts or movements to call the police. He was last seen wearing dark trousers, a white t-shirt and jacket.
“While at this stage there is no evidence to suggest he has come to harm, officers, retain an open mind as to the circumstances. Anyone with information about Mohammed’s whereabouts or disappearance is asked to call West Area CID on 07825 114 094 quoting ref: 19MIS017114 or Crimestoppers anonymously via 0800 555 111.”
Subhani’s sister has started a social media campaign under the hashtags #FindShah #BringShahHome #BringShahHome to raise awareness about the case.

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