Dismantling Karachi’s issues with Raza Haroon on Baaghi TV

According to Baaghi TV reports, senior politician and analyst Raza Haroon who is based in Pakistan’s major economic hub, Karachi has joined Baaghi TV.

Starting his political career in Karachi, Haroon belonged to the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM). During his time with Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP), he has served as the General Secretary and has continued to highlight various issues in Karachi in the light of his experiences and observations.

Be it seminars or TV talk shows, Haroon has tried to the best of his knowledge and experiences to solve the problems of Karachi, problems with urban areas of Sindh, and the common Pakistani man and political instability. Haroon believes, “Yes, I keep highlighting them”.

Speaking in a YouTube special “Be-Laag Tabsary”, Raza Haroon said, “I am grateful to Mubasher Lucman and Baaghi TV, for giving me the opportunity to share with you my opinions, suggestions, talk about the difficulties we all experience, and on various other issues from this platform”. Basically, when we talk about Karachi, there are multiple issues. This is not just the case with Karachi, but the overall rotten system in Pakistan which we consider to be nominal democracy. Haroon added, “We will also invite experts and we will take their suggestions, we will also take opinions from various institutions, departments, local government experts, and we will share the information with you”.
Raza Haroon said that Karachi which is the largest metropolitan city in Pakistan is a politically deprived one. There are political, administrative, and local government issues. There are issues of ownership, and a lack of development schemes, despite various agencies working in the city. The concept of Unity of Command is nowhere to be found. There are censorship issues; the people of this city complain that in terms of representation, in terms of numbers, in terms of regional importance, the state, the state institutions, the federal government, the provincial government, the parliament, all the institutions that are the authorities, whose job it is to develop infrastructure are responsible for the deprivations, in the social sector, education, transport, health, and the local government system.

Yet these problems are not just limited to Karachi but are spread across many other cities in the country. The problems of the common man are the same all over the country.

Haroon said, “We will also talk about the constitution, which the federal government does not follow. We will talk about the matter of education that primary education, quality education is free. It is written in the constitution but what are we delivering? Do we have basic democracy?”

Raza Haroon further said that Karachi will be mentioned again and again because Karachi is not only a city of Sindh but people of different nationalities, sects, and languages live in this city, even foreigners live here. The spread of Karachi is so great that it is also called ‘Mini Pakistan’. What is happening in Mini Pakistan with regard to the rights of our Pakistani brothers who live there, in terms of government responsibilities, what is not happening, and what should have happened, we will talk about it all.

The population of Karachi has not been counted correctly. The city has a population of 30 million but claims to have a population of 16 million. Karachi has the main seaport and has an international airport, it is the gateway, the waterway goes from here, the fruitful branch we are sitting on, the fruit of which we are all eating, are we giving it water and fertilizer? Are you developing this city? Are you doing justice? If not, aren’t we cutting off the roots of this city?

There is a problem of ownership of Karachi, the lands of Pakistan Railways are also here, the mayor of this city does not have the whole area of Karachi but some areas are with different authorities, how is such a big city being commanded? How can it be that we do not understand the spirit of the Constitution which gives us full facilities and protection? Here are the issues of education; the mayor looks at all these issues.

Is the water delivery system correct? Be it railway, public transport, or the local train, what is the master plan? The city government had made a master plan from 2005 to 2010. Putting it on the sidelines and running the city without a master plan, can this happen? We will try to talk to you weekly basis about all these issues, we will talk about all the ways to improve our cities on Baaghi TV.

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