Disney is Putting Classic Fox Movies Into Its Vault

LOS ANGELES (25th Oct, 2019): Disney is placing classic 20th century Fox Movies into its vault.

According to details, Disney is pulling several 20th Century Fox films from availability. Disney makes a move similar to how famously treated its own films from many years. Disney has begun restricting the films quietly which potentially be devastating for theaters.

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Reportedly, in the last year, Fox’s back catalogue of older films were readily available to be shown by any theater willing to pay a licensing fee.

Be clear that, Disney has practiced a policy of creating artificial scarcity for its films, by making their back catalogue unavailable to operators of the theaters and rotating physical copies of their films out of print in the form of VHS, DVD, and Blu-Rays.

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It reportedly seems that they intend to do the same thing to 20th Century Fox’s extensive library which includes AlienThe Princess Bride, Fight Club, Die Hard,  Home Alone and a bunch of X-Men movies.

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