Doctors Attacked By Relatives As Covid Patient Dies At Delhi Hospital

India: Doctors at a Delhi hospital were attacked Tuesday morning by the attendants of a woman, 67, who collapsed in the emergency ward after her admission to the ICU was delayed due to a lack of beds.

An unspecified number of doctors were injured in the clash outside Apollo Hospital in the national capital, which took place between 8 and 10 am. The police arrived an hour later – around 11 am.

The doctors have since been recalled by the hospital because of the sheer number of patients requiring medical treatment and care.

Shocking visuals of the incident show a group of men fighting just inside the hospital gates.

A masked man in a gray shirt can be seen furiously attacking another (in a yellow shirt) with a lathi as three or four others – who seem to be security personnel – try to detain him. As the 27-second video plays out, the man in the yellow shirt runs away with his attacker in hot pursuit.

Behind them two other men – one in a red shirt and the other in a white shirt – can be seen trading punches and kicks.

A larger group, including one person who is dressed like a hospital attendant and the lathi-carrying attacker from the first fight, rushes forward as utter chaos reigns.

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