Documentary on Nobel Prize Winner Dr Abdus Salam to be released on October 1st

Netflix to feature documentary on Pakistan's first ever Noble Prize winner

A documentary on Pakistan’s first ever Noble Prize winner Dr Abdus Salam will be released on October 1st this year on Netflix.

According to the social media page of Salam-The Film, in late May, revealed about the documentary, “Coming soon to a streaming platform near you”.

KAILOOLA Productions produced the documentary on Noble Laureate. Now, it has been confirmed that the film will be released on Netflix on October 1st.

His statement can be heard in trailer: This is the scientific age. No one can escape it. No one in the East can. No one in the West can.

Dr Abdus Salam received Noble Prize in 1979.

In the South Asian Film Festival of Montreal, the documentary also won Best Documentary Feature.

Abdul Salam passed away in 1996 in England and his body was brought to Pakistan.

‘Abdus Salam: The Dream of Symmetry’ was released in September 2011 to honor the services of Abdus Salam in field.

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