Does changing passwords repeatedly increase the risk of hacking?

April 28, 2021: According to many cybersecurity experts, frequent password changes can make us an easy target for hackers.

BaaghiTV: Sometimes you don’t even remember your password, and you enter the wrong password and eventually you have to create a new password for the correct one. But according to many cybersecurity experts, the temporary hassle and frequent password changes can make it easy for hackers to hack into our email, zoom account or any digital platform they are using.

But how is it possible that a new password compromises our Internet security? The reason is that when we change the old password to create a new password, we try to change it as little as possible. So that we can remember the new password and this makes it easier for cyber hackers and criminals to know this password. For example, we change our old password from ‘0001’ to ‘0002’ or put the year of our birth at the end of any password. Or enter the last letter of your password by the number of the month.

And if the passwords are too complex, some users write them on ‘Sticky Notes’ and paste them on the computer screen. Speaking to the BBC, Evian Kobe, director of the Eurocat IT Security Center, said: “In the end, we make small changes to these passwords because we can’t remember the new ones. Also some users have same passwords for very service”

“This means that your password has been stolen during any fraud or phishing campaign, so hackers can easily find out which or what pass you have on other platforms,” ​​he said. Are using password and they can also hack your other digital platforms by altering the passwords or numbers in the password obtained.

According to the BBC, the cybersecurity expert said that but there is a way that we can make it difficult for hackers and scammers. For example, whenever we are asked to change a password, we must keep the password completely new. The move is strong and secure.

“But the problem is that the process is cumbersome because we are using passwords on multiple platforms at the same time,” he said. People have been trying for a long time to figure out how to create a secure password. But this era of mandatory password changes will soon be over. In the end, a strong password is better than many weak passwords. But he is not alone in thinking so. In fact, IT security experts have long warned against repeated password changes. A few years ago, Bill Burr, author of the Guide to Computer Passwords, withdrew his own advice on passwords.

According to him, the password should be changed every three months and the numbers and characters and words included in it should be written together, such as ‘Protected’ should be changed to ‘pr0t3ct1d’. Unlike passwords, random combinations of words take longer to understand.

According to the report, the 72-year-old retired password expert, said he was “deeply sorry” for what I had suggested. I think this advice was probably a very difficult task for many people. They published this book in 2013 and made this statement in 2017.

Even today, many social media platforms and organizations suggest changing passwords from time to time. But some don’t make such a demand. One of them is Microsoft, which said in 2019 that it was going to change its password-changing policy from time to time, as Microsoft has been proposing for decades. “It’s an old and obsolete process,” he said.

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