Does Food really determine your mental health?

Is mental health determined by food?

The very famous Hocane sisters are trending on the social media after their latest statement regarding mental health. The netizens are much furious about the statement made by the two sisters.

A clip of an interview at a local channel has been circulating on the Internet where the duo can be seen engaged discussing about nutrients and food and it’s impact on mental health.

At the point where the country is already at odds with accepting mental health as a real issue this statement of the two sisters is making the situition even worse.

“What you put onto your body greatly determines your mental health as well” says Urwa.

In addition to this she says:” These days there are so many problems about depression, mental disease, it all because of food. There’s no other reason.”

Mawra nodding to her sister’s words adds:” It’s what you put in your body.”

The question here is : How much is your mental health determined by the food you eat?

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