“Don’t come to Murree,” said a tourist who passed away

‘Brothers do not come to Murree, you will get trapped and will have to push your vehicles in the snow’ are the final words of four adults from Mardan who were among the 21 ill-fated tourists who passed away while they were stranded in the snow-stuffed roads.

The four young people Sohail, Asad, Bilal and Bilal Hussain resembled every one of the 21 travelers who died enroute to Murree in the wake of arranging an excursion outing to the hill station to observe snowfall.

The video, which ended up being their final remaining one, showed the vivacious adolescents partaking in their excursion and singing a Pashto melody while abandoned out and about.

“Brothers do not come to Murree, you will get trapped and will have to push your vehicles in the snow.  Go and sleep in your cozy beds at home and offer prayers,” they could be heard saying in the awful video message.

In another video, a disastrous vacationer Zafar Iqbal should have been visible conversing with his child in a video call, which ended up being his last contact with his family.

Iqbal, an occupant of Lahore, went with his companions to visit Murree and passed away alongside them. The video showed Iqbal imparting seeing snowfall to his child as different casualties could likewise be found in the video.

Associate sub-examiner (ASI) Naveed Iqbal, his better half, their little girls – Iqra, 10; Dua, 14; Shafaq, 18; child Ahmed, 5, and two nephews matured two and nine years were among the sightseers who died in the awful misfortune.

With his vehicle trapped in the street in the midst of weighty snowfall, the cop continued to settle on decisions with an end goal to be protected yet nobody acted the hero.

“We have been stuck for the past 18 hours,” he can be heard saying in his last telephonic discussion. “God willing, everything would be fine if the system starts working. We are in great distress,” he said.

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