Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan Addresses Press Club Seminar

5 February: Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan Address to press club Seminar

The importance of Kashmir Solidarity Day is reflected thriugh the oppressed state of the Kashmiris.

Today is the day to shake the international conscience at the UN Human Rights Commission on the resolutions on Kashmiris’ right to self-determination The Pakistani nation stands with the Kashmiris as a leaden wall. No matter how different our ways may be, we are all one on the side of Kashmir. Without Kashmir, Pakistan’s geography is incomplete. Until Kashmir becomes independent, Pakistan will continue to support Kashmir on all fronts.

Imran Khan has promised to become a lawyer of Kashmir who would shake the international conscience Imran Khan fulfilled his promise and informed the world about Modi’s atrocities. Everyone in Kashmir is a victim of Modi’s barbarism and oppression Young people are being targeted by ballot guns, but their dreams of freedom cannot be snatched away.

Modi has deployed 600,000 troops on Kashmiris in violation of human rights, yet Kashmiris’ spirit of independence has not been suppressed. She paid tribute to the sacrifices of Kashmiris India’s attempt to stifle the voice of Kashmiris by force has failed. The Chief Minister inaugurated a campaign to show solidarity with Kashmiris in Punjab When Kashmiris feel any wound, every Pakistani also feels pain in his body Kashmiris are part of the soul and body Pakistan’s existence is incomplete without Kashmir.

Kashmir and Pakistan are two sides of the same coin. Modi’s mindset is not just a poison killer for Kashmiris, the treatment of Sikhs and minorities exposes India’s true face to the world. The people of Pakistan will not allow Modi to achieve his nefarious goals. We stand with Kashmiris and will continue to stand by them.

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