Drones could deliver cancer medicines in future

According to the Daily Mail, NHS England is planning to test drone deliveries of cancer medicines to reduce the supply wait time.
In this research, chemotherapy medications will be transported to a hospital in Portsmouth on the Isle of Wight within 30 minutes, whereas the normal delivery time is four hours.

Patients on the island will be able to obtain medication from the island’s hospital and pharmacy rather than traveling to the mainland.

Amanda Pritchard, the chief executive of NHS England, launched the “same-day delivery” test on the organization’s 74th birthday, July 5.

Pritchard stated that drone technology had the additional advantage of reducing carbon emissions created by conventional delivery methods such as automobiles, ferries, and airplanes.

Health experts explained that chemotherapy medications were chosen because they are difficult to transport and have a short shelf life.

The Health Secretary remarked, “By utilizing the most advanced technology to deliver chemotherapy via drone, patients will have faster and more equitable access to treatment regardless of where they reside.”

A single hovercraft flight can replace two automobile or ferry trips, per delivery.