Drugs worth 1.2 billion seized, former pilot among six arrested

On Friday, India’s Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) unit in the country’s financial capital Mumbai seized 60 kilograms of high-quality mephedrone (MD) which is reportedly worth at least Rs 120 crore ($1.2 billion) , said the officers involved.

Furthermore, the officials also busted an entire syndicate and detained at least six people. Among those arrested the kingpin of the cartel, his key associate, and a former Air India pilot, said the reports. The Naval Intelligence Unit first gave information about suspicious activities involving a few people in the Indian state of Gujarat’s Jamnagar.

Subsequently, the NCB Mumbai unit team led by zonal director Amit Ghawate coordinated with the authorities in Gujarat for close monitoring of the suspects, said a media report. On October 3, they conducted the first raid in Jamnagar and seized 10 kgs of MD and arrested four key people, said Sanjay Singh, NCB Deputy Director General. They were later identified as S G Mahida, S M Chowdhury and Muthu P D, from Mumbai and Bhaskar V was arrested from Gujarat.

According to NCB officials, Mahida was an Air India pilot from 2016 to 2018. Meanwhile, Muthu had been arrested earlier in 2001 with 350 kg of Mandrax, but has been out on bail since 2008, reported the local media. Following interrogation and further investigation, the police found major drug linkages and associates who were operating from Mumbai.