Easy Steps to Keep Your Marriage Vows Stronger

Marriage is an Institution that deserves care and respect!

Marriage is a relationship that brings two different individuals together binding them in a knot to last long. It is a challenge with all the ups and downs which determines the couple’s promise to stay with each other.

Being married for twenty years makes me wonder what a splendid journey it is?  When I was getting married I could never think of spending such a time with some one I don’t know and yet, now after nearly two decades together, even this period seems short enough to be fully devoted to that special someone.

To sum it up, a marriage is like a roller coaster ride, you are thrilled, excited, afraid and keen to take it up.

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Marriage to me is a very precious connection between two people who bind themselves in a link that they decide and hope to keep forever. If this link starts getting weaker at any place it is up to the couple to either break it or make it work. The formula for a long lasting marriage consists of a mutual understanding to care for each other through every phase.

Remember: Apart from love three things are most important in a marriage: Trust, Communication and Respect.

Love is the most vital ingredient to sustain a marriage. It keeps on nurturing in every stage, in the beginning it is at its peak when you are getting to know each other but, with the passage of time it takes the form of:

  • care
  • respect
  • friendship
  • some disagreements too

All these things join together to make one’s marriage an exciting yet challenging journey.


Being a firm believer in fairy tales I always consider love as synonymous to marriage but, with the passage of time I got to know that this love has many expressions. Love has to be molded into friendship without which a husband and wife cannot get to know each other better. A friendship helps the couple in opening up to each other more without feeling insecure or being judged. This becomes a foundation of a  lasting and healthy marriage.



This is another main factor of a successful marriage. Respect in your relationship builds feelings of trust, safety and well-being. Respect means that you accept someone for who he/she is no matter how different that some one is from you and you don’t agree much with him/her. But you both think of each other’s well being and individuality.


It is perhaps the leading key factor glued into the foundations of a relationship by being honest with each other, because a relationship without trust is fragile.

Trust provides stability to a marriage. It is essential to rely upon your better half without feeling uncomfortable and insecure. This reliability should not be taken as a weakness in a relationship, rather it shows your faith in your partner. To stay together in any kind of a situation shows your trust on each other.

The key to a sustainable marriage is this feeling of belonging to each other no matter how hard the times are, you have someone who is going through the same trials with you to fall back upon.



This is of utmost priority for any individual to coexist in a blissful marriage. Be it about your emotions, feelings, desires or beliefs, communication like trust helps a person in keeping the foundations of one’s relationship intact. Reaching out to each other regarding any matter is the basic requirement to remain satisfied in your matrimonial life. Every relation goes through the ups and downs of life, it is our way of communicating to one another that helps us out of those circumstances.

In happy times you are together to celebrate, but it is the rough patch that has to let out the emotions between the two of you. Be tolerant of one another, if one is down the other can lift up and vice versa. It would never help if both of the partners get aggressive and temperamental.

It would never help if both of the partners get aggressive and temperamental. Keeping calm for one another and controlling your anger is essential for a healthy marriage.

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Compatibility & Compromise

Disputes and disagreements always happen but, it is your way of handling them that matters. If you want your marital life to last long then learn to make compromises in your life.

Remember: Its not only the woman that has to understand but a man also has to find the middle ground. It is always the settlement between the two individuals that takes them a long way ahead.

These compromises come with the best of the result in life. They foster trust, accountability, consistency, and security in your relationship. Success comes when there is compatibility and compromise in a marriage. A compromise shows that you have a common goal in mind rather than thinking of your own happiness.

It can’t be taken as a selfishness or a weakness to compromise for your mate, rather take it as a challenge, keep it as your strength to look out for each other. Where one might be giving up her studies for her spouse the other could be abandoning his hobbies to be with his better half. This makes it a give and take relationship and definitely a stronger bond.

What I learnt from my experience with my partner is that love, care, a bit of perseverance and compromises here and there has kept our marriage strong and moving. A bit of extra time and attention is required utmost to keep you bound in your relationship. Spend time with each other as much as possible respecting each of your space and temperaments.



Remember to be generous with each other in most of the occasions and focus on keeping the sparks alive between the two of you by being physically and emotionally attached.

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