Elan trolled over claiming of being ‘Affordable’ with ‘only 18-20k’

Khadija Shah of Elan on Twitter claims of price 20,000 being affordable

Elan, women luxury brand launched its Tresor collection 2019 on Sunday, with Creative director of Elan, Khadijah Shah claiming that the dresses of brand can be affordable.

She wrote, “So a lot of people following me give me grief for Élan being un-affordable. I thought I would share our newest collection Tresor with you guys!”

She added, “It’s an unstitched wedding season collection. Beautifully hand embellished and quintessentially elan priced just between 18-20k.”

The people on social media trolled her because majority of the population in Pakistan can not afford a dress of “18,000-20,000”. People in Pakistan are on poverty line or below and even the middle class can’t afford this price range.

It seemed like the woman got furious and with no shame to apologize, she further added, “I’m sorry, because of the rupee depreciating silks which are imported have doubled in price. Local manufacturers should look into developing good quality silks. I’ll be the first to buy them. It’s difficult to offer the price you’ve recommended with expensive raw material.”

She also wrote, “Would love to see what’s being compared here that’s for much less. But if it’s not for you, it’s not for you. Why are you trolling. You can buy whatever you want, no one’s putting a gun to your head. I’ve only given the information for the benefit of those who find it valuable.”

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