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Elephant herd tramples elderly couple to death

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India: In two different incidents, an elderly couple was trampled to death by an elephant at Nimapur in Jagatpur area of Odisha’s Cuttack district, while another man was admitted to the SCB Medical College and Hospital in a critical condition following an attack by the jumbo herd.

As per reports, a herd of three wild elephants strayed into the residential area near Jagatpur on Tuesday night, causing havoc in the locality. The jumbo herd attacked residents, causing widespread destruction of properties.

On being informed about the elephant attack, the forest department issued an alert in the area. While the jumbo herd was still on rampage in the area, the forest department officials were making all possible efforts to drive the herd back to the forest.

In a separate incident, the carcass of an elephant was found at gate no 14 of Jobra anicut. It is suspected the pachyderm might have entangled while crossing the Mahanadi river, leading to his death. The dead body of the elephant was found stuck at the barrage gate.