Emergency relief efforts continue amidst Cholera outbreak in Balochistan

Emergency relief measures are underway in Dera Bugti against the spread of Cholera in the region. According to Baaghi TV reports, FC Balochistan engaged in assisting civil administration in handling the spread in Pir Koh, Dera Bugti.

According to reports, Prime Minister (PM) Shehbaz Sharif announced that emergency relief measures were being taken for the residents, on Sunday. Sharing the news on Twitter, PM Sharif said that the Federal government is providing support and assistance to the provincial government of Balochistan.

Taking notice of the issue on Saturday, PM Shehbaz Sharif issued directives to the relevant Federal and Provincial authorities to take immediate notice of the outbreak across Pir Koh, Dera Bugti. 

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According to The News, “Following the directions, the federal and provincial authorities are being taken emergency relief initiatives for the residents of Dera Bugti”.

The PM ensured that the situation is being monitored closely and that the Federal government would extend support to Balochistan. Meanwhile, authorities have been directed to provide food items including clean drinking water to the victims. 

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Additionally, FC Balochistan is assisting civil administration against the spread of Cholera in Pir Koh, Dera Bugti. Water browsers are being employed to ensure the supply of clean drinking water to the local population, meanwhile, a medical camp has been established for the victims of cholera. Doctors, nurses, and paramedic staff are actively treating those affected by the outbreak. 

According to Baaghi TV reports, a medical lab is being established and necessary medicine is being provided.

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