Esports: Pros & Cons of Gaming Industry

If you have strict parents, you might think that Esports or gaming would be only a waste of time for them. They will not see any positive outcome from it even though there are multiple positive things also.

You have to deal with both pros and cons of gaming when you are a part of the gaming community. Let’s start first with the cons of gaming in the E-Sports industry.

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Although it is not easy for an E-Sports enthusiast and an advocate to list the negative impacts, it is essential to know both.

Some of the common cons of gaming and esports are as follows:

1. Health Issues:

Gaming has some crucial health risks. It is not about health only when it comes to battling.

Working hard and aiming to be the best at anything in the world is fraught with danger. Risk is in every sport. Runners can injure their knees, football players can injure their feet or ankles, and gamers can hurt their fingers or wrists.

If you are a competitive gamer or planning to be, fearing the injury or health risks is laziness and will eventually degrade your performance.

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2. Injuries:

E-Sports players do get injuries. Repetitive stress injuries are common, but there are others like repetitive strain injuries and collapsed lungs.

Poor posture, irregular diet, inactive lifestyle, and incorrect breathing techniques are some of its causes.

3. Match-Fixing:

Match-fixing is involved in almost every sport. When you talk about the involvement of money, there will be corruption.

Gambling or other monetary and non-monetary incentives are used to drive match-fixing.

Now, let’s talk about the exciting part for gamers. Many of them would be waiting to see the advantages of gaming, sit tight. We will talk about the benefits of gaming now.

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As we all know, E-Sports is flourishing and succeeding at a fast pace. It benefits more when you are a part of the gaming community.

Here are some benefits of gaming:

Esports: Pros & Cons of Gaming Industry | Baaghi TV
If you have strict parents, you might think that Esports or gaming would be only a waste of time for them, even though there are multiple positive things also.

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1. Healthiness:

Gaming is the best escape to deal with stress. Engaging in an activity you love is the best possible way to keep you healthy and peaceful.

It also improves your muscle memory and other muscular activity of the brain.

2. Improved Eyesight:

Gaming also helps in improving eyesight. People who are more into First Person Shooter games have a better knowledge of color contrast.

Besides just color shades, gaming also helps the players become more responsive in every aspect.

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3. Hand-Eye Sync:

Synchronization of hand & eye is essential in gaming. Almost every sport requires this skill. This sync makes gaming the most distinctive from others.

Ever wonder how you play some First Person Shooter games like Counter-Strike or Dota, and how the mouse and keyboard are used concurrently with perfect coordination.

If you want to become the best gamer, this skill is essential and should be mastered.

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4. Pathway to E-Sports Industry:

While being a gamer, it is not vital that you can only earn through playing. E-Sports is a whole industry, which means that there are multiple branches or helping hands to make it extensive and successful.

Some of the successful and top-notch employment opportunities in the E-Sports sector include:

• Streamer

• Caster

• Event Organizer

• Social Media Management

• Journalist

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There you have it. We all should understand that if there is a negative outcome of something, there is also a positive outcome.

Not every job requires all these skills, but at least one skill is needed in any position.

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