Ethics of Social Media which Should be Followed

Social media has its own dynamics but the principles and etiquettes are the same as for any other area of life.

Broadly speaking there are three categories:

Person to Person:

It’s between two individuals and you are free to share and chat according to your level of frankness.


A limited group of people like WhatsApp group:

It’s a group comprising of a people of the same background whether it be class fellows, professionals or old class fellows. In such a group, you have to be vigilant not to share any post(s) which might be acceptable for few but not for others. Secondly it’s very indecent to share pictures or posts of a member shared by him on another group. As he or she has done it on purpose and not shared in a particular group for a reason.


A larger group; like Facebook:

Such has a very vast spectrum of people and one should refrain from sharing which might be alright on a personal level. One should be extra careful as you don’t know many of the friends of your friend and any comment can be very negative for some people.

Such social media’s also reflect one’s grooming and how caring they are for others privacy.


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