EU Stands Ready To Continue Supporting Afghan People

BJÖRN OLOF SKOOG, the EU ambassador to the United Nations, said that the EU is committed to lasting peace and calm in Afghanistan during the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly.

SKOOG added that Afghanistan is facing a deep economic and economic crisis and it is predicted that the situation will worsen in the upcoming winter.

“Afghanistan faces also a deep humanitarian and economic crisis. The situation is expected to deteriorate further during the upcoming winter. In the absence of a legitimate and recognized Afghan government, the EU has been working tirelessly with the international community to defined principled pragmatic and creative solutions to support the Afghan people, and mitigate the grave humanitarian and economic crisis,” SKOOG said.

According to the EU ambassador to the United Nations: “Sustainable peace in Afghanistan requires an inclusive political process with the full, equal and meaningful participation of all Afghans, including all ethnic groups and religious minorities and the meaningful participation of women in decision-making positions.”

At the UNGA plenary, the representatives of a number of countries including Germany, Russia and Iran have expressed their concerns about the economic and human situation in Afghanistan.

While speaking at the session, Antje Leendertse, German ambassador at the UN, expressed concerns over the situation in Afghanistan, saying: “We witnessed a massive economic contraction and humanitarian crisis, half of the population is subjected to critical levels of food insecurity.”

Meanwhile, the charge d’affaires of the Afghan permanent mission at the UN, Naseer Ahmad Faiq emphasizes the cooperation of the international community with Afghanistan at UNGA.

“The people of Afghanistan have been suffering from protracted conflict, poverty, starvation, food insecurity unemployment & migration. They deserve a peaceful, decent & dignified life. The people of Afghanistan desperately need the support and solidarity all international partners, particularly the United Nations in achieving their long way to the aspirations for enduring peace, stability and prosperity “

In response, the head of the Islamic Emirate’s political office in Qatar said that the international community had failed its commitments to Afghanistan and had left the country’s development projects incomplete.

“The international world has not fulfilled its financial responsibility to the Afghan people. They haven’t started the projects that were in their development plan, but on the other side, many projects have been left unfinished,” said the office’s chief, Suhail Shaheen.

However, other political analysts underlined the importance of international community’s cooperation with Afghanistan.

“If we want to stop the rise of poverty in Afghanistan, the world, especially the donor organizations, should support Afghanistan,” said political analyst Janat Fahim Chakari.

At the UNGA, Russia’s permanent representative claimed that Western nations do not want to genuinely discuss the unfreezing of Afghan assets and are rather using it as a pretext to place pressure on the Afghan officials.