EU to discuss measures on Turkey’s military activity in Syria

BRUSSELS, Oct 14 (XINHUA/APP): Foreign ministers from the European Union on Monday will discuss possible measures to enact against Turkey for its military incursions inside Syria, which will also be on the agenda of the EU’s summit starting Thursday.

Federica Mogherini, the EU’s top diplomat, said this morning upon arrival at the bloc’s foreign affairs meeting in Luxembourg that EU member states “will discuss how far they are ready to go on some measures that are on the table when it comes to the Turkish military activities in Syria, but also the drilling in Cyprus.”

Cyprus, an EU member state, has long objected to what it says is Turkey’s “illegal drilling” in Cyprus’s exclusive economic zone.

“This meeting is important not only for the decisions it could take, but also to prepare the European Council,” Mogherini said.

France and Germany in the past week roundly criticized Turkey’s military campaign into Syria, halting arms exports to the NATO ally.

Turkey’s Syria operation won’t stop

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