EU warns that Russia is putting the world in danger of famine

The EU’s foreign policy leader Josep Borrell said on Saturday that Russia’s embargo on Ukraine’s grain imports and export restrictions are putting the globe at risk of hunger.

On Monday, the European Union’s foreign ministers will meet in Luxembourg to address the danger to food security and a “narrative struggle” with Russia over Western-imposed sanctions on Moscow over Ukraine.

In an article published on his official blog, Borrell stated, “We are ready to cooperate with the UN and our partners to prevent any adverse impact on world food security.”

“Russia’s intentional political choice” is to “weaponize” grain exports and “exploit them as a tool for blackmailing anyone who opposes its aggression” in Ukraine, according to Borrell.

“Russia turned the Black Sea into a battleground, halting grain and fertilizer imports from Ukraine while simultaneously disrupting Russian commerce shipping.” Russia imposed quotas and tariffs on grain exports, as well,” he noted.

The EU sanctions “do not ban Russia from exporting any agricultural items, payment for such Russian exports, or seed provision, provided that sanctioned individuals or entities are not engaged,” according to the EU.

“We are perfectly aware that there is a ‘battle of narratives around this problem,” Borrell added.

He further said that allowing Ukrainian exports to resume by ship was critical.

“On this issue, we’re working closely with the UN, and the EU and its member states are ready to contribute to the necessary measures.”

“In the coming days, we aim to find a solution.” “Failure to do so risks causing a global food crisis,” he said.