European Union to mold Russian oil sanctions: Sources

Brussels: European Union (EU) proposes changes to its planned restriction on Russian oil in order to win over “reluctant states” according to Reuters.

The European Union is reportedly working to propose changes in its planned embargo on the Russian oil, confirmed EU sources to Reuters on Friday. According to reports, the renewed proposal seeks to focus on giving Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic more time to adapt to the restrictions, while helping them with their oil infrastructures. 

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The proposal also includes a three-month period of transition before banning EU shipping services for the transport of Russian oil, instead of the one-month limit as announced earlier. The news was confirmed by a source that wished to remain anonymous. 

According to reports, the modified proposal allows Hungary and Slovakia to buy Russian oil until the end of 2024, however, the Czech Republic will only be allowed to continue till June 2024, if it does not get oil via a pipeline from the South of Europe, added the sources. 

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It is pertinent to note that under the original proposal, the EU countries would have to stop buying Russian crude oil six months after adopting the measures, including completely stopping the imports of refined oil products from Russia by year-end. Under this, Hungary and Slovakia were given until the end of 2023 to adapt to the proposed measures. 

Meanwhile, Bulgaria had requested exemptions but has not been offered any concessions on the timeline as yet, confirmed the official. It was further added that the other countries that have been granted freedom, “have an objective problem”. 

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According to international media, Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban said on Friday that Hungary would require five years apart from major investments in refineries and pipelines to be able to “transform” its ongoing system reliant on Russia for up to sixty-five percent of its oil. 

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