Experts call for massive public awareness to address ‘Mental health issues’

ISLAMABAD, Oct 10 (APP):Psychiatrist Thursday underlined the importance of public awareness to avoid ‘Mental health issue ‘ among Youngsters which poses grave risk to the sustainability of the life and environment as million of people around the globe including Pakistan are suffering from common mental disorders.

On the occasion of ‘World Mental health day’, Senior Psychiatrist prof Dr. Abdullah Shaikh while talking to a private news channel said ‘Depression and anxiety’ awareness among the masses could help decrease the stigma around the disease, making help and treatment a more viable option.

The medical expert said, ‘World Mental Health Day’ is observed every year on the 10th of October to raise awareness and mobilizing efforts for ensuring mental health.

Expert said that the family members, friends and the society have a vital role in helping people to recover from mental illness. They need positive attitude and acceptance of their conditions.

He further explained that ‘Mental illness’ refers to a wide range of mental health conditions that affect mood, thinking and behavior. People go through periods when they feel emotions such as stress and grief, but symptoms of mental illnesses last longer than normal and are often not a reaction to daily events.

He said adults could cope with these challenging easily if they have caring families, and they suffer from stress and fears if the case is otherwise.

If not understood and managed, he pointed out, these feelings caused mental illness, he explained.
He said several social and environmental factors like poverty, social inequality, and emotional abuse among Youngstrs could increase the risks of mental disorder.

Common mental health problems have been identified in both rural and urban populations, he added.
Another Psychiatrist Dr. Saba Ismail said our country was affecting with mental illness problems in youngstrs due to excessive use of social media and stress.
She said, Pakistani women as compared to men face even greater risk as frequent targets of domestic violence, toxic-in-laws and are constant victims of gender inequality.

She stressed that such affected persons need our help and support in order to live healthy and normal lives. The more they will be prosper as individual and as nations when they will live the more fulfilling, self-satisfying and less stressful lives.

Dr said the major reason of depression among new generation is that they are not able to decide what they should do or what not to do which results in them having serious thoughts in this regards.
Some of them feel alone and even then they can’t share their problems with parents and family, Dr said, adding, it’s not specific for teen, in fact every adult have their reservations.

Experts suggested that they have to do one thing in life, stop worrying on extreme levels specially youngsters while taking decisions. Each and every problem has its own solution in a better way. Be positive and think positive. love your life, because it is precious. A public campaign to raise mental health literacy is a great way to start the conversation, Dr Saba suggested.

She said depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide, adding, every school, organization, social group and parent should train themselves in tackling such issues as at the family level.
On the other hand , media should also come forward and give awareness on the issue of Mental health to save coming generations through proper advocacy.

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