Fadad Chaudhary invited Mufti Munib and Mufti Shahab to see Moon

 Federal Minister for Science and Technology, Fadad Chaudhary said that Mufti invited Munib-ul-Rahman and Mufti Shahabuddin Pallai to see the moon.

According to the insurgency report, social contact website tweeted on Twitter, Fad Chaudhary said that Maulana Munibur Rehman and Shahabuddin are sending the invitation to Poolee to visit him and see how the moon rotates and scientifically But why is it easy to determine whether the original location of the moon can be determined and there is no need for it to be populated.

Now the Moon website will be opened, Fuad claims claiming fourteen

Those who do not see what they see in the moon see the Moon, Fadad Chaudhary 

Fadad Chaudhary finally formed the committee, fixed five years of Eid dates

The purpose of making a lunar calendar of Minister of Science is to corrupt, and speak well known religion

It is clear that Fadad Chaudhary had announced to make a lunar calendar after the controversy in the form of a moon, which had set up a committee in this regard, from the beginning of Ramadan. Fadad Chaudhary is criticizing the Central Raviat Hilal Committe.


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