Failed Democracy being run through autocratic and bureaucratic mindset

Oct 19, 2021: Failed Democracy being run through autocratic and bureaucratic mindset.
By Imran Aslam Khan

Is it the democracy for the commoners by the commoners and of the commoners?
I find the answer in negative for all three. We the commoners do not find anything positive which is good for us as this kind of democracy is not for us, neither it is by the commoners nor it is of the commoners.
We have an extreme divide between rulers and commoners as since the last 72 years none of the commoners has been elected as our supreme leader, even the commoners who get elected to the parliament feel a misfit in there and remain uncomfortable and never become a part of so called democracy.
May it be a politically elected leader or the military dictator, none has been an Awami Leader. One comes from a political elite or dynasty and the later assumes power for fixing the corrupt practices or the systems but none has delivered for the common people, simple answer as to why they can’t deliver is that they are not the commoners and all assume power for their own vested interests. The principle of by the people of the people and for the people is basically not known to them as it has to do nothing with them.
The bureaucracy suits them as their own incompetence requires someone who can manipulate the systems for them and can facilitate in achieving their basic motive i.e to accumulate more and more wealth. The bureaucracy thinks that they are the superior lot and this is what they are taught once they get selected so even being paid out of the taxes that the commoners pay, they rule us and treat us no more than their subservient or the subject to rule upon. They think they are the superior lot meant to rule the people and that they are the master of all trades so they can deliver where ever they have to but unfortunately they have failed miserably.
Our failures in not progressing and remaining a developing nation has everything to do with this attitude and the greed of a few who just cling to power to accumulate more and more wealth.
I believe that this system of democracy is not meant for us since the literacy rate in our country is too low. The parliamentary system is a failure in Pakistan and we need to understand and acknowledge this so that we start to move forward in the right direction.
Since we have done enough of experiments now we need to turn towards the presidential system of democracy where we might be able to include the professionals or the technocrats to manage the disastrous state of affairs in most of the governmental functions. Having failed the nation these so called political dynasties or the military dictators ruling us with the help of bureaucrats need to leave us alone as enough is enough.

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