Failure of Punjab Government, Who is Responsible?

Political stability is a prerequisite for the economic development and plays an important role in keeping a society integrated. Lack of political stability creates massive problems and hinders the development of a government.

Punjab government under the leadership of Sardar Usman Buzdar has failed in running the province. Lack of vision and direction are among the main reasons for Punjab government’s inability to deliver to the people.

According to the sources of Baaghi TV, another major reason for the frequent reshuffling of the bureaucracy is the Chief Minister Usman Buzdar himself. Buzdar, according to the reports of Baaghi TV, has personal grudges and complex with several ministers which is being applied on their secretaries.

Punjab government, since its inception, has been inconsistent which leads to their inability to deliver. Usman Buzdar, due to his personal discords, is not letting the institutions to function properly.

According to reports, Chief Minister Punjab is not allowing the civil servants to work just because of the competency of their respective ministers. This attitude is causing perplexity within the administration.

Moreover, Baaghi TV got to know that Usman Buzdar is personally ensuring that the departments do not function properly which, later on, causes constant reshuffles. All we have seen in the last twelve months is a continuous series of posting and transfers.

In the past one year, around four to five secretaries have been shuffled and transferred in the major ministries of the government. Taking an example of the Higher Education Ministry, five secretaries have been changed in the current tenure so far. Khalid Saleem was appointed as the Secretary Higher Education in July ’18 who was removed, right after Buzdar came into power, in October ’18. Sajid Zafar Daal was appointed after him in December ’18 who was only allowed to work for two months when Momin Agha, a new replacement, held the office.

Interestingly, Capt retd. Muhammad Mahmood was appointed in between who remained at the post only for only 48 hours. Agha was again replaced by Raheal Ahmad Siddiqui in May ’19 who is currently appointed as the Secretary Higher Education. All eyes are on him as he has managed to sustain his position for over three months.

On an average, a secretary in the Higher Education Ministry stayed at the post for not more than 90 days, which is why the education system in the province is under threat. Unfortunately, all these transfers and postings, are only seen in one of the 48 departments of Punjab government. Details of other departments will soon be revealed in our follow up stories.

Be it the District Police Officer (DPO) Pakpattan case, traumatic incident of Sahiwal, use of helicopter or the use of Chief Minister protocol, moreover, transfers of Inspector General (IG) Punjab or piles of trash in the cities. Furthermore, lack of facilities in the schools and hospitals of Punjab or the deaths of children due to the lack of air-conditioning facilities at Sahiwal Hospital. Despite the failure of Ramadan Bazaar or the frequent appointments and transfers in the bureaucracy, there is only one man responsible, Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar.

Alarm bell rings for CM Punjab Buzdar

Baaghi TV is trying to contact Directorate General Public Relations (DGPR) and Services & General Administration Department (S&GAD) but on account of Eid Holidays it is causing delay.

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