Failures of National Aviation Policy and difficulties in Aviation Business

Lahore, 9th April, Press Release by Imran Aslam Khan: Plight of the Aviation industry is well known as we are going through the most difficult time in aviation history with one ban or another like EASA, EU and ICAO.

Imran Aslam stated if the Aviation Minister lacks the knowledge and cannot represent us on international forums and tries to wash the dirty linen in the Media and Parliament what else we can expect from a person with no Aviation background?

Aerial Works License of Sky Wings is pending issuance for the last two years on the pretext that ISI clearance is awaited by MOI which in fact was not required as per National Aviation Policy 2019.

The exact wordings of NAP 2019 para 4.3.6 (attached), which is an act of Parliament are:

The security clearance of operator/ applicant and airport services provider from concerned agencies shall be mandatory.

Aviation Division shall directly communicate with the relevant Ministry/Agency (Intelligence Bureau and Special Branch) for each case.

If it says IB and Special Branch only then some self-made procedures of adding ISI and such additions which contravenes the Act of Parliament are not understood.

NAP says Aviation Division can also directly communicate to agencies that an additional channel of going through MOI is just adding difficult democratic cycles for whatever reasons.

Aslam Khan stated that the misinterpretation of the NAP 2019 is causing delays in the issuance of business licenses.

He added that it is very difficult to do business in this environment. Ease of doing business lags in the Aviation Industry and no one understands the essence of time.

He further said that it is very disappointing that even after putting up the matter on the PMs portal in August 2020 the problem remains unsolved.

Imran Aslam Khan ended his press briefing and said that NAP 2019 is a failure for sure.

He added no wonder why people are not interested in Aviation Business and heading for failure, we will also opt-out soon as we don’t have unlimited resources.

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