Faizan Naeem – Pakistani Entrepreneur behind “Digital Genie Marketing”

We all know it takes two hands to clap. But did you know it takes more minds to come up with a successful business venture? You and I may look at things differently – outwardly and the surface level. However, there is much more depth than what is seen. There are hundreds of people who invest their time and even lives to ensure progressive business ventures. It starts from one and then the rest of the lot follows the same idea – a difference in the execution of the plans varies from business to business.

Likewise, one of the most successful Pakistani entrepreneurs is Faizan Naeem. This person has achieved massive respect and repute because of three main traits – resilience, hard work, and passion. Along with that, the kind of life he lived to make an impact in the lives of a teenager who is hustling or striving in life, is quite inspirational.

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Today, in this article, we have shared a heart-to-heart conversation with Faizan Naeem, owner of Digital Genie Marketing, and a visionary young man under thirties.

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Question 1: What did it take to ensure that Digital Genie MarketingMarketingis the ultimate dream to achieve?

Answer: Since the beginning, that is when I earned a graduate degree in Computer Sciences, there was something about computers that enticed me to learn it through and through. As you know I’m a late 80’s kid and the only thing which we could practice was software engineering. To my dismay, it was not what was in my mind to take as a career. I wanted something grandeur. Something that is more about digital marketing. Therefore, many jobs in the same field were taken, and then I made up my mind to take it on another level – start my own venture, my own company – which is now registered with the name “Digital Genie Marketing”. 

Question 2: How many years did it take to conceptualize strategies of a successful business, “Digital Genie”? 

Answer: Not decades but yes, a couple of years were given entirely to understand the details of digital marketing. For that, I took many odd jobs. Since the vision was clear about what do I want in the end, it was not very daunting to maintain my sanity. However, it took many sleepless nights, empty stomach to be exactly where I am found today – owner and CEO of Digital Genie Marketing. 

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Question 3: Was the process daunting or did it liberate you in and out? Can we get to know about the challenges that you had to face? 

Answer: It was never a daunting process for me. Whatever was given in the making and conceptualizing my digital marketing hub, Digital Genie Marketing, is worth the effort. Yes, as mentioned earlier, there were sleepless nights and an empty stomach. But it was not out of force! It was out of excitement, passion, and the drive to do something bigger than my reach. I have not mentioned it before, but let me tell you that I hail from a middle-class family in – suburbs of Pakistan. Whatever I have achieved in the form of Digital Genie Marketing is from my solo efforts. So, naturally, the love for this company is way bigger than anything or anyone else! 

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Question 4: What sort of services are rendered at “Digital Genie”? Who has been involved in making this a successful venture?

Answer: Digital Genie Marketing is a complete 360-degree hub of online or digital marketing needs. We are custodians of making businesses and brands rise from nothing to something and then everything. For that, we have to encompass all basic services. It includes; 

  • Digital Marketing 
  • Google Ads 
  • Google Analytics 
  • Graphic Designing 
  • Website Development and Designing 
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Etc. 

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Question 5: Do you have any message for the youngsters who are spreading their wings and want to start their ventures soon? 

Answer: I only have one message. If you really want something in life, make sure the vision is clear. Strategies and plans are secondary. However, passion and determination to execute the plan come first. Remember, all it takes is a passion to safeguard positive results. Even if you fall, there is a passion within you that doesn’t let you stay the same. You will rise and definitely shine! 

Towards the end of the interview, we would like you to follow and connect with Faizan Naeem. It will give you further insights into his business ventures. Also, it will help you to outsource work. To know more about the company, https://www.digitalgenie.ltd/. Faizan’s Instagram profile link is https://www.instagram.com/imfaizannaeem/.

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