Fake ‘aamil’ instructs woman to hammer nail into her head

PESHAWAR: A pregnant woman was severely injured after she hammered nail into her head, following the instructions of a fake ‘aamil’ (faith healer). A search is being conducted by the police to find the fake aamil who jeopardized the life of a pregnant woman.

According to the sources, the woman arrived at the Lady Reading Hospital in Peshawar where she underwent surgery to remove the nail from her skull. Initially, she told the doctors that she carried out the brutal act herself but later confessed that she went to an ‘aamil’ who asked her to do it. The woman also stated that she did that because she wanted to have a son.

Dr. Haider Suleman, the neurosurgeon, treating her, told the media that she was seriously injured and was also in a lot of pain.

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The hospital staff added that the woman was mother to three daughters and that her husband threatened to leave her and remarry if she did not give birth to a son this time.

“She is three months pregnant and because of her husband’s fear, she went to the Aamil”, the hospital staff said.

According to the senior superintendent of police (SSP) operations, the police has managed to find the names of the woman and her husband through hospital records. However, their CNIC numbers have not been found yet.

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The SSP also said that the police is searching for the fake ‘Aamil’. He also clarified that the couple themselves did not file any complaint but an investigation team has already been formed to look into the purpose.

Ahsan Abbas, the Capital City Police Peshawar (CCPO) that the victim support officers have been issued instructions to meet the victim, counsel her and get the details of the incident in order to speed up the search for the alleged ‘Aamil’.

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