Fake news troubles news business in Pakistan

In Pakistan, fake news is as effective as original news, said one of the panellists during a session, titled ‘How fake news affects society?’, on the Lyari Literature Festival (LLF), at Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University, Lyari

The panel discussion was initiated by Naseer Goopang, founder of LLF and a journalist associated with a TV channel. The panel comprised journalists Dr Tauseef Ahmed, Talha Anwer and Iqbal Khursheed as well as the former president of Youth Parliament, Dr Irfan Aziz.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Ahmed elaborated on how fake news was not a consequence of the growing use of social media, but dated back to the time of the cold war. Pointing to the recent Ghotki incident, he shed light on how fake news can cause havoc. “In the age of 5th-generation warfare, social media is a battleground for most of us,” he said, people don’t realise that their posts on social media can evoke instant reactions.

He also spoke about political and business completion in Pakistan, which, he said, not only lead to the rapid spread of fake news but also create an impression that news is a result of agenda setting.

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