Fake police encounters: 279 accused murdered in 30 years

Fake police encounters cannot be conducted without due consent of governments,  police top officials including IGs, CCPOs, DIGs: Author of book Encounter Cops

Lahore: As many as 279 accused have been murdered in fake  police encounters during 1990 to 2020 and fake police encounters cannot be conducted without the due consent of the governments,  police top officials including IGs, CCPOs, DIGs.

This was stated by Crime Reporter Ahmad Faraz during the launch of his book ‘Encounter Cops’ at the Lahore Press Club here on Monday.
He said that accused were encountered by the police illegally bringing them out of the jails.
“Theses policemen opened their own courts, bulldozing the court of law, he said, adding
as many as  6244 encounters were conducted in which 5246 accused were killed”.
He named a number of police top officers who were accused of ordering of extra- judicial killings of accused in encounters.
Ex IG Ch Yaqoob said that fake police encounters are a reality.
“There are two mind sets in the police: one is that they think that the accused must be produced before the court of  law while the second is of the view that they do their hectic efforts in arresting the accused but the accused always succeeded in getting released.
Ex IG Ch Yaqoob said that the governments are always part and parcels of these fake encounters and without their due consent fake encounters cannot take place.
There is an urgent need of hour that  reforms in the present judicial criminal system must be undertaken, he said, adding that the present government of PTI should take up the issue of reforms in the criminal judicial system.
He said that during the previous government fiefdoms were rule of the day and political parties’ MPAs and MNAs were  so powerful that they could get police officers transfered and posted as per their desires.
Lahore Press Club president Arshad Ansari extra judicial killings are not acceptable in any society and the governments should take serious note of the situation.
Federal Information Minister Fawad Chudhary said,”We have destroyed English police system of 1867 and replaced with no new one.”
“Criminal justice system cannot be changed without the due support judiciary and police.
“Judiciary and senior police officials should come forward to convince governments to bring about sweeping reforms in the criminal justice system so no innocent could be the victim of extrajudicial killings”, Fawad Chudhary.
The book reads that in first fake encounter of Lahore police killed Aslam Nain Skhaya at the Nisbat Road when the police suddenly attacked a workshop and claimed that a very dangerous dacoit was encountered.

The book further reads that 279 accused including Mutza Bhutto, Rehman dacoit, Atif Chaudhary, Bohla Sunyar, Mazhar Tibi, Malangi, Hanfia, Baba, Here Gugar, Naqeebullah Masood, Nagi Butt, Humayoon Gugar,Tahir Prince, Nana Goraya and Sultan Rahi’s murderer Sajo Kana  were killed in fake encounters by the police.

The book reads that the judicial inquiries of fake encounters have always proved to be a futile excercise as theses inquiries  yielded no satisfactory results.

The book raised a question as how the policemen always survive in encounters and only the accused persons are killed.

After the judicial inquiries, in many cases, FIRs were recommended against the accused police officers but the police managed not to lodge the cases against the accused police officers, the book added.