Falak Shabbir, Agha Ali’s video, ‘Women Should Know How to Cook,’ Goes Viral

Falak Shabbir, a Pakistani musician, says that a woman should know how to cook.

A video featuring actors Agha Ali and Sara Khan, alongside singer Falak Shabbir and others, is going popular on Instagram.

The video of an Eid event in the past, which was taken from a private channel, features Agha Ali and Falak Shabbir discussing the qualities they want in their future spouses.

The host inquired Agha Ali and Falak Shabbir about the qualities they want in their future spouses since neither were married at the time. Both men said that they preferred a woman who could cook.

Sarah Khan who was also a part of the show, and allegedly dating Agha Ali at the time, was asked if she knew how to cook. Following which Khan confirmed that she did in fact, know how to cook good food.

Not only Sarah Khan and Falak Shabbir are married now but, Agha Ali and fellow actress Hina Altaf are also married and focused on their projects.

Watch the full video here:

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