Families of martyrs stand by Pak army: Report

May 19, 2022: According to a special report by Baaghi TV, the parents of the young martyrs of Pak Army while talking said that our children have to make sacrifices for the holy land.

They says it is necessary for the security of the country to stand side by side with Pak Army.

According to the report of Baaghi TV, the mother of the young Captain Muhammad Sabih Abrar Shaheed of Pak Army says that her son always wanted to join the army and that it was also her own wish as a mother.

The mother of Captain Muhammad Sabih Abrar Shaheed said that I am the mother of Captain Muhammad Sabih Abrar Shaheed. Sabih was martyred on June 20, 2020. He was martyred in North Waziristan. During an intelligence-based operation. Sabih is a very brave and very obedient son.

He continued to go scouting during his school days. He joined Scouting from 4th class. He was in the third semester of engineering. When he came home one day at a time, he said, “Mama, all my classmates are applying. Should I do it too?” “I said ok son, do as your heart desires. Then they applied and thank God they were selected.”

When her son was posted to Waziristan and she shared her concerns about his safety, he assured her it was what he was meant to do.

His mother Captain Muhammad Sabih Abrar Shaheed said that he was married seven months before his martyrdom.

The mother of Captain Muhammad Sabih Abrar Shaheed said that two years have passed since the martyrdom of Sabih but it seems as like no time at all. She says the army stands with them and they with the army.

On the other hand, the mother of Lieutenant Nasir Hussain Khalid Shaheed said that she is proud of her son and that her son did not hesitate to sacrifice his life for his country and nation. However, she says, “I am a single mother. It will be 22 years now that Nasir Hussain’s father is martyred He was martyred in 2001. So see that Nasir Hussain was very important to me, he was my eldest son. And some of them are my little ones. So we spent a lot of time in solitude in many places. I am happy. I am in prostration before Allah Almighty that He chose my son for Himself and commanded him. He made him alive and immortal forever.”

His mother said that he joined the commission in 2016 and there Mashaallah was very happy and big as he got the wealth of the whole world, he got the army.

“I feel like this is my son, who has great love for his country and nation.” He stayed there for 18 months. On September 2020, Nasir was martyred in Waziristan.

She recalls her son saying, “Mama, you cannot understand that the status of martyrdom is great and Allah calls those whom He loves to Himself.”

The mother of Lieutenant Nasir Hussain Khalid Shaheed said that she was proud of her son for fulfilling her wish.

Mother Lt. Nasir Hussain Khalid Shaheed said that I salute the Pakistan Army for the way they took care of me. I think I can see my son Nasir Hussain inside every uniform and my own life is also present for my country.

Amongst others, Muhammad Safir, father of soldier Abdul Basit Shaheed, said that he belongs to Abbaspur, Azad Kashmir. “I am proud of his shahadat. Most of the time when he was talking, he used to say, “Abu, pray for me so that I may become a martyr. Allah has accepted his prayer and Allah has given me the honor of being the father of a martyr.”

Muhammad Safir, the father of the martyr, further said that we say no, even if I had 100 children, I would always be ready to sacrifice for this country. We are proud of the Pakistan Army.

Jahangir Akhtar, the father of soldier Usman Akhtar Shaheed, said that he was the father of Usman Akhtar Shaheed. “My son has been martyred in North Waziristan. We have met him only once after his marriage. He went back again. Just then he was martyred. We have another son. We are saying that he Recruitment should also be done in Pak Army. Long live Pakistan Army, long live Pakistan”

Ali Marjan, the father of soldier Zia-ul-Islam Shaheed, said that he belongs to Bannu district. My son Zia-ul-Islam was recruited in FC in 2016. He sacrificed for the country.

Zafar Hussain Shah, father of young Captain Abdullah Zafar Shaheed of Pakistan Army, speaking in memory of his son, said: “Alhamdulillah, I am proud that I am the father of a martyr and But I have sacrificed five. I have five sons, the other four are ready to serve the homeland.

Zafar Hussain Shah said, “I just want to give a message to my people about the courage with which we have raised these children and how much they have sacrificed for the sake of Pakistan and what you are doing. Think of some country too. Dedicate one of your children to the army, then whatever it is you think it is okay to dedicate this one child to the army. Leave this thing for God and this Protect the Pakistan we have got.”

Widow Captain Umar Farooq Cheema Shaheed says, “I am the widow of Captain Omar Farooq Cheema Shaheed. Captain Omar Farooq Cheema Shaheed was martyred on 14th October, 2020 in North Waziristan. Omar was a very brave officer. One month after the martyrdom of Omar, my daughter was born.”

Widow Captain Omar Farooq Cheema Shaheed said that this country is a very precious country and our army is a great army.

“As we sacrifice our loved ones, this country becomes free. Many children are orphaned. So this country becomes free. These children who will grow up without their father. The sacrifices that these children have made, the sacrifices that their families have made. If I ever get a chance in my life to do something for the Pak army, to do something for my country, then insha-Allah, like Omar, my life is also present for this country.”

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