Famous journalist Idrees Bakhtiar passed away, condolences by political, religious and journalists

Pakistan’s leading and senior journalist Idrees Bakhtiar has died in Karachi on Wednesday. He was attached with Pakistani and international media for several decades and has been working as a journalist.

According to our resources, Idrees Bakhtiar was suffering from a severe heart disease for some time. He also worked with BBC for many years. Similarly, he has been associated with The Star, Herald and other institutions. On his death, people belonging to political and religious figures, social and journalism organizations and other departments have expressed condolence.

It has been said about Idrees Bakhtiar’s contemporary authority that he migrated from Ajmer to Hyderabad and then settled here. He also started his journalistic life from the same city. Leading journalist worked on important editorial positions in various newspapers and TV channels and was also the president of the PFUJ faction organization in Pakistan.

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