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Famous Pakistani tourism club organizes a cleaning campaign to celebrate the independence month

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Pakistan’s famous tourism group The Karakoram Club announced a cleaning campaign to celebrate the independence month. In a call for volunteers, one of the group’s admins invited tourists and group members to volunteer and ‘make plans to clean the popular tourist destinations across Pakistan’.

He revealed the details of the campaign and urged the members to ‘take initiative’ and ‘set examples’ by getting involved in activities like tree plantation and cleaning drives.
The campaign also encourages participants to raise awareness through arranging walks and engaging local stakeholders in this plan for environmental protection.

TKC’s initiative is an open event that will go on for a month and anyone, from locals to travelers, can be a part of it. Moreover, commercial businesses, community organizations and NGOs are also encourage to join in.

Co-founder of the tourism group, Mobeen Mazhar, stated that continuing TKC’s tradition of organizing activities for environmental protection, this year’s campaign will go on till the season ends and will encompass a variety of projects to ensure paying back to mother nature with a cleaner nature.

The Karakoram Club, as the website says, is a social media based club which is aimed at promoting tourism in Pakistan with the core objective of eco-friendly activities. TKC’s group on Facebook, with a population soon reaching over 274,000 members, is the topmost tourism group in Pakistani cyberspace.

Tourism in Pakistan has gained much significance over the recent years, owing to stabilizing security situation and improving infrastructure. This has lead to an increase in the number of people travelling for leisure. However, this inrush of local excursionists caused a negative impact on the natural beauty of tourist destinations. Paradisiacal places, from Karachi’s seashores to the green meadows of Gilgit Baltistan, are being destroyed by garbage, carelessly and rather shamelessly, being left behind on ground or thrown into water. Increasing pollution poses a serious threat to the heavenliness of these places.

Kumrat Valley: Heaps of garbage left behind by tourists [Photo taken from The Karakoram Club]
Gilgit Baltistan [photo taken from The Karakoram Club]
Plastic bottles dumped in Saif ul Malook lake [photo taken from The Karakoram Club]
The Karakoram Club promotes environmental protection and in this regard, often arranges eco-friendly activities. This years cleaning campaign is the third season of the club’s efforts to increase awareness among masses.

A banner from 2018’s cleaning campaign [Photo from The Karakoram Club]
Green Squad at a cleaning drive [Photo from The Karakoram Club]
Garbage collected by young kids [Photo from The Karakoram Club]
Cleaning campaign 2019 after sports festival at Khaltaro Haramosh Gilgit [Photo from The Karakoram Club]