Fans excited by Fawad Khan’s role as Ms. Marvel’s Nana

Fawad Khan has entered the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) as the superhero’s Nana. At the moment, his role has been a two-second shot in an old photograph in the episode released yesterday. 

However, this short and indirect presence has been enough to excite Khan’s fans across Pakistan who have taken to social media, expressing their joy through memes and tweets.

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Someone tweeted, “raise your hand if you yelled on the top of your lungs fell on your knees ran a lap around the house when you saw Fawad Khan.”

Another tweet pondered on the marketing strategy: “Marvel successfully using Fawad Khan to make everyone in this region watch Ms marvel.”

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There were some humorous comments: “Man that would suck if Fawad Khan was your Nana.”

At the same time, people rejoiced in our representation: “Karachi in Ms Marvel, Pasoori in Ms Marvel, our girls in Ms Marvel, Fawad Khan in Ms Marvel, Farhan Akhtar in Karachi’s chingchi in Ms Marvel.”

Another fan mentioned how unbelievable it was — “imagine watching Avengers in 2012” when it would be hard to picture Fawad Khan and a Pakistani superhero in a Marvel movie.

Watch the official trailer for Ms. Marvel:

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