FDA approves the most expensive drug, worth millions per dose

Maryland (USA): The Food and Drug Authority (FDA), the drug approval agency in the United States, has approved a drug that can be called the most expensive drug in the world.

Its price per dose is $3.5 million which is around 78 crores in Pakistani rupees. This medicine is for a very rare genetic disease in which blood clots form and cause complications for the patient.

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The gene therapy drug called HemGenix is ​​used in patients with hemophilia B. Blood clots form in it, sometimes bleeding is difficult to stop.

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There are only 8,000 patients in the US. Although its traditional treatment method is not cheap as it also reaches up to crores of rupees.

Hemophilia B affects more men than women and costs $21 to $23 million to treat over a lifetime. However, its treatment is a little cheaper in the UK.

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