Feature film ‘Gawah Rehna’ announced at press conference

Feature film 'Gawah Rehna' announced at press conference

Feature film ‘Gawa Rehna’  announced by producer Kashif Ismael during a press conference at Karachi Press Club, also announced starting the shooting of the film.

The film is to star legendary Qavi Khan along with Emad Irfani, Rabya Kulsoom, Ghana Ali and Rehan Nazim.

Rabya Kulsoom also shared about the press conference on her social media app Instagram account with caption, “At the press conference meet and announcement of my first feature film project titled ‘Gawah Rehna’.” with request for prayers.


Actor Rehan Nazim also posted on Instagram, “Meet the cast of ‘Gawah Rehna’. A feature film which also has the Legendary Qavi Khan sb and a versatile actor Faisal Imtiaz amlolngst others.”


In another post sharing his solo picture, he wrolte, “At the press meet of my first ever feature film, Gawah Rehna, directed by Tariq Mahmood.”


The upcoming film is based on “Khilafat Movement” and is expected to be released by March 2020 in Pakistan as well as Turkey. It will also play tribute to the heroes of Pakistan movement.


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