Feroze Khan’s comments on patience and endurance

Feroze Khan

April 27, 2021: Leading actor of Pakistan showbiz industry Feroz Khan says that patience and endurance are two different things.

BaaghiTV: Hero actor Feroze Khan, who played the lead role in season 3 of the blockbuster drama serial ‘Khuda Aur Mohabbat’ on a private TV channel, in his recent interview has revealed a clear difference in patience and endurance which his fans and Highly appreciated by followers.

Responding to the host during his interview, Feroze Khan said, “Patience and endurance are two separate and clear things. Patience is a good thing, but endurance is not a bad thing. If someone shows you even a little bit of pride or arrogance, you Must also show pride and arrogance in return and explain how to show true pride and arrogance. This viral video of Feroze Khan continues to receive comments from his fans in which some say that Feroze Khan is speaking exactly right while some internet users say that it is a good thing to tolerate.

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