Few Glimpses from Prince Philip’s Funeral Service held Today


The Funeral procession of Prince Philip was held today at St George’s chapel, Windsor Castle.

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburg, husband of Queen Elizebeth II passed away on 9th April,2021 after a long illness. He was 99 years old.

Operation Fourth Bridge, a plan for the Prince’s funeral and other services was initiated. Prince had earlier wished for a small funeral with a minimum gathering however due to Covid-19 it was minimalized to 30 people from the Royal Family.

Prince Harry joined his grandfather’s funeral service. He was seen alongside his brother Prince William.

The service began with a national minute silence and followed all the Royal procedures.

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton kept her look simple. She wore a black dress with an elegant necklace by the Queen.
The Royal spokesperson said that Prince Philip and Queen had a beautiful relationship and an amazing understanding. He swore allegiance to her. He supported her in everything. He stood by her side. He used to walk two steps behind her.
The Queen placed beautiful flowers on Prince Philip’s casket which read I love you.
Prince Philip is now interred in the chapel’s royal vault.

Here are few glimpses from the service :