FIFA suspends Pakistan Football Federation, players disappointed

The suspension of Pakistan’s Football Federation (PFF) by FIFA has led to the disappointment of football players. 

According to reports, the national footballers have expressed disappointment at the suspension of PFF by FIFA. Footballer Kaleemullah has said that for the second time in five years, the PFF has been suspended, the biggest loss of the situation of the situation concerning national players and the image of Pakistan.

National women’s footballer Fatima Ansari says that after the suspension, the future of all of us will be ruined. The current situation is very sad for footballers in Pakistan. The government should control these situations.

According to reports, FIFA has suspended Pakistan’s membership die to external interference in the affairs of the PFF. Moreover, Pakistan’s membership will remain suspended until the Pakistan Football Federation normalization committee regains its powers.

FIFA had reportedly, issued a warning to Pakistan to suspend its membership due to external interference in the affairs of the PFF. If not handed over, action will be taken against Pakistan football. The matter of infiltration in PFF football house will be taken up in the Congress meeting, according to reports. If the conditions of the federation do not improve then the membership of Pakistan Football Federation can be suspended.


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