Five TikTok accounts you must follow during Ramadan

Apr 28, 2022: With Ramadan in full swing and people getting used to not eating like four to six different meals and snacks a day, there’s only one thing that you can do while you wait for time to pass to break your iftar: watch food videos on TikTok.

If you want to become an expert in making the best food at home, order food or dine out, you have all types of foodie content creators available on TikTok and here are some must-follow profiles.

Salt to Taste
One of Pakistan’s most popular food content creators on TikTok, Salt To Taste gives the perfect treat to your taste buds. He is just the guy you need to follow, with more than 2.9 million followers on his verified TikTok account. From his energy and weight loss drinks to homemade sauces and Ramadan special pakoras, you will find everything that you need during Ramadan. This is your go-to account for Ramadan recipes.

Food Fusion
This is a channel run by a husband and wife who have garnered 1.1 Million followers and 11.7 Million likes. They publish videos in which they prepare quick and short recipes from salads to main course cuisines. Apart from making mouth-watering recipes creatively, they have also introduced their own spice by the name of Magic Masala through a video posted on TikTok.

During Ramadan, they ensured the followers got all the food tips and tricks as well as scrumptious recipes they needed for suhoor, iftar, dinner, and desserts. The channel has been acclaimed as one of Pakistan’s most loved digital food channels.

That Foodie Girl
While some people like to do suhoor and iftar at home, many love to dine out. That Foodie Girl’s TikTok account, with more than 381,000 followers, is where you can find the best food if you are thinking of eating out or finding recipes to make the same at home.

As Ramadan is all about pakoray, samosas, chana chaat and drinks, this account also gives you the best Ramadan recipes to cook at home. Belonging to Gujranwala city, she also shares traditional recipes of her hometown.

Samiullah Food Secrets
Are you one who wants to eat out at a restaurant but are too lazy to go out while fasting? Well, you should head over to this TikTok account where you can make resturant-type food at home. From burgers, broast to fruit chat and drinks, this account, which has more than 82,000 followers, shares a unique recipe every day.

Samiullah’s videos give you the taste of restaurants in your home as he explains each step so you can get your dish cooked perfectly.

Food Mess
Exploring food around the twin cities of Paksitan on your own might take you months, but this TikTok content creator Food Mess helps you explore all that food in minutes. Food Mess, the food explorer, who is followed by 82,000 TikTok users, gives you each and everything you need to know about a restaurant or any specific dish.

Traveling around Rawalpindi and Islamabad, he is on a continuous journey to review all desi and fast food restaurants in his creative videos that have gained more than 1.2 million likes. So if you are planning to dine out, don’t forget to scroll through his account to find out the best places in town.

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