Flight delayed by six hours over mobile chat between couple

India: A Mangaluru-Mumbai flight was delayed by six hours after all the passengers were asked to deboard the aircraft and the flight was intensely checked for any sabotage on Sunday, August 14, in the afternoon at the international airport in Mangaluru.

The incident took place after a passenger saw a suspicious message on a fellow passenger’s phone while he was chatting with a girl. He brought this to the notice of the cabin crew. Immediately, all the passengers on board were deboarded and the whole flight was checked for any sabotage.

The girl was waiting for her flight to go to Bengaluru while the boy was ready to fly to Mumbai. Both were friends and they spoke about the security just for fun. A passenger seated on 14B noticed a Co passenger seated on 13A receiving a text message ‘U r da bomber’.

Briefing the media, police said, “Two friends were chatting on WhatsApp and another person had overseen the message where he saw some issue which led to panic. The indigo flight from Mangaluru to Mumbai was stalled. A complaint has been lodged under 505 1B and C of IPC at Bajpe police limits after a complaint of indigo flight authorities.

The man was later not allowed to board the flight due to the questioning that lasted for several hours, while his girlfriend missed her flight to Bengaluru.